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Vendor Finance

n-businessFast, effective finance solutions for accredited manufacturers, vendors, distributors and resellers of business equipment up to $150,000. Give your customers a real incentive to sign on the dotted line with faster, simpler equipment finance solutions. Quikfund offers business equipment suppliers the fastest ‘yes’ in finance to give you a crucial sales advantage. Our Supplier Programs are carefully managed by our highly skilled consultants to ensure you and your customers get the most from our finance solutions. And because we know that accelerated approvals give you a competitive edge, we work to minimize approval and settlement turn around times.

Our Vendor Programs Offer

  • Point-of-Sale finance products (in writable PDF) for on-the-spotcustomer application.
  • Our Dedicated consultants who can provide training for yoursales staff, or can handle each enquiry for finance personally…it’s your choice
  • Proprietary electronic workflow systems mean from the time a new finance application is received through to settlement there is no paper used
  • Usage and Colour Usage Plans specifically designed to maximise benefits for suppliers.



    For government departments seeking fast and easy Business Equipment finance. Renting Business Equipment often means spending long hours working through complicated application forms, excessive paperwork and time-consuming red tape. At Quikfund, you are already approved! Simply complete our online form and we will approve you within 2 hours. We live up to our promise by providing hassle free finance – fast.

    Equipment Financing

    Business Equipment finance lets you focus on your business development by freeing up working capital while acquiring latest operational assets. Our rental and commercial hire purchase solutions give you the latest technology to build your business while also providing cost effective cash flow, and expenditure advantages. Our rental solutions have the additional benefit of giving you the flexibility to upgrade your equipment during or at the end of the rental period, which means you are not locked into owning equipment that might not meet your future business needs.


    • I recommend Quikfund for financing to everyone who wants to start a new business. I am very happy with their services.

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