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Setting up a business firm requires umpteen types of equipment’s – Xerox machine, security system to name a few. In fact, even medium level firms constantly need to upgrade their equipment’s in order to stay in this competitive market. Buying business equipment’s is not only a tedious task, but requires huge investment. Getting the right kind of investment and that too at the right time is what is crucial for all business firms. In such situations, firms with financial advisory come to the rescue.

Financial guidance is imperative while buying equipment’s of business needs. Quikfund pioneers in these services by providing quick and reliable solutions for all the financial needs, especially in the equipment for business segment.  Quikfund Adelaide is adept in the standard practices and procedures adopted in the region of Adelaide and accordingly offer support. Further, being in the industry for more than 8 years, Quikfund understands the system and working principles of finances in Adelaide and hence can design the best strategy to get finances easily and promptly

What services we provide

We provide financial assistance for buying business equipment’s to all kinds of customers.  Whether, you are looking to buy set of equipment’s or are seeking guidance as a vendor or a government agent, Quikfund Adelaide has solutions for all. Our tailor make and customized packages deal with individual requirements to get the required seed capital. We also take care of all the documentation and legal process and ensure that the customers get the assistance promptly. Some of our services catering to different categories are as follows-

Equipment Buying- We do not help directly in buying the required equipment. Instead Quikfund Adelaide provides advisory financial help to help get the seed capital easily and within a few days’ time. The easy and simple, customized, hire and a rental scheme helps the business in a cost effective manner.

Government department- We have special packages designed for the Government departments who are looking forward for getting business equipment’s easing their mundane paperwork. Further, the documentation process is all handled by our firm which ensures accurate and timely delivery of services. Quikfund Adelaide ensures hassle free finances for the Government departments.

Vendors- Our tailor make services are also available for vendors supporting then with huge seed capital at the onset of their business.

To receive services from Quikfund or to know more about our services call us on out toll free no 1300 557 068 or drop us a mail at [email protected]

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