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Established in 2005, Quikfund is a privately held company specialising in business equipment financing for small-to-medium enterprises. Our lease, hire purchase and rental services ultimately help SMEs cost-effectively source critical business systems such as office business equipment, photocopiers, security systems, point of sales systems and commercial audiovisual systems. Quikfund does not sell equipment directly – we are focused on providing a seamless finance process for equipment sold and serviced by our affiliated dealers in all Australian States. Dealers in our network benefit from quick and efficient access to funds via our consistent contractual facility, ensuring they can finalise the sales process in a shorter amount of time than would be otherwise possible. Quikfund’s simple, generic and assignable contract provides this power. Quikfund excels at giving business equipment providers a finance solution which boosts their efficiencies while reducing their cost base.



  • Their company logo says it’s all. Quick Funds. I went in, came out and was on my way to career success.

    Trevor Jacobs
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